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Welcome to Sepial’s Kitchen in Constantia Uitsig.

We hope this place is for everybody, every day.

We serve mostly Korean cuisine, but not limited to it. We do not just follow traditional recipes and rely on imported ingredients. We study the reasons for the recipes, implement them with local produces and conditions, and then create our own. However, The fundamental of flavours is not negotiable.


Dietary requirements

We can accommodate vegan, vegetarian and some other dietary requirements, but we cannot accommodate gluten-free and allium (onion, garlic, spring onion) allergies. Despite the best efforts, please be advised that food prepared here may contain milk, eggs, wheat, soybean, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish and other allergens. Please contact us before you make a reservation or place an order if you have any concerns.

Large groups

Our maximum capacity for larger parties is 6 guests (depending on availability); with our limited floor space, groups larger than 6 may impact the dining experience of our other guests. 


We can only host groups larger than 6 on Tuesday to Thursday, and there will be a R100 deposit per person necessary before we confirm your booking.

Please note there will be a 15% service fee added onto the bill.

For dinner, please arrive before 18:30 in order to finish before our regular closing time of 20:00.

If you happen to stay for a while longer, there will be an additional charge of R500 on the total in order to provide private transport to our staff members outside of regular hours.

We are a small team located on a remote wine farm, far away from public transport which makes it difficult for us to accommodate larger groups. In order to ensure that our work is sustainable, we ask for your understanding.

If the above terms are agreeable, please send us an email to with the following information:

  • Your name

  • Your contact information

  • Number of people in your party

  • Date and time

  • Dietary requirements/allergies

For a private lunch/dinner for more than 16 persons, please contact us by email in advance.

Children /Dogs

We love little foodies of the future. However, guardians must be mindful all the time as we have many fragile things on the table and the chairs are not really child friendly.

We do not recommend our restaurant for bigger parties with many children. When your party has one or two children, we found everyone enjoy the time most.

Please be notified that we are not responsible for any accidental injury to your child(ren) or loss or damage to their belongings. The guardians must take responsibility for any damages occurring to the business and it's property as a result.

The Block House restaurant located at the Uitsig Estate has a play area for children.

Unfortunately dogs are not allowed in the whole Constantia Uitsig Wine Estate.


As we are located in the wine farm, you are not allowed to bring any wines produced other than Uitsig and this is not our decision but by the property rules. 

There is a wineshop near the entrance where you can buy bottles in a retail price until 6pm. You can ask an ice bucket from there and we will return the bucket later. If you come late or do not want to walk any further, you can buy some alcoholic drinks from the next door. They also offer you an ice bucket and glasses. We really appreciate your cooperation and kind understanding. 

To maintain our stemwares, we charge R50 when you ask glasses and ice.

Cancellation/lateness policy

Please contact us as soon as possible in the event you are unable to make it to your reservation or will be late by more than 15 minutes.

We would appreciate being notified of cancellations at least 24 hours in advance for our tasting menu or a bigger group.

Reservation inquiries during office hours


(Tuesday to Sunday: 10h00 -17h00)

+27 64 7505 2 double seven

We may not take your phone call during the service hours

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