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The Fermentary is about creating unique and distinct flavours achieved through ageing locally sourced ingredients.

The current landscape of the food industry calls for healthier, more sustainable, affordable and environmentally friendly options. We aim to do this through the science of fermentation.


By using traditional techniques passed down through many generations, we can create new tastes from familiar ingredients.

Here you will be able to see, taste and even learn to make our products as we aim to share our knowledge in hopes it will be able to serve future generations.


Our operations at The Fermentary encompass everything it takes to get our products to you; from sourcing local and sustainably farmed produce to making sure it is made with respect and care with regard to the soul of the food.


Our products are available to purchase in-store, directly at The Fermentary, right where we make everything. With this, we can sell our products at lower prices, making them more accessible for our customers.


We will be offering exclusive seasonal products which will only be available at The Fermentary.


We will also provide a space for people to taste foods created to celebrate the flavours of fermentation; from our own tasting menus to workshops in collaboration with other people versed in the art of fermentation.

We hope to be able to share our knowledge with people from all walks of life with a passion to learn and enrich themselves.

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