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  • Do you have vegan/vegetarian options?
    Yes, we do have some options such as Korean fried cauliflower, kimchi dumplings, mushroom glass noodles(at Uitsig) and sides. Most of our fermented are vegan friendly if not mentioned otherwise.
  • Is your place halaal friendly?
    We have experienced some are okay with cooking wine and others are not okay with any pork in the premise. So I will explain everything about us and you can decide if it is okay to dine at Sepial’s Kitchen. 1. We use pork for pork dumplings and the steamer is shared with other steamed dumplings. We don't have a lot of pork options but pork is a big part of Korean cuisine. We keep separate other pork dishes to cooking a specific equipment as much as possible. However utensils can be used for both pork and others after washed when we have pork on the menu. 2. Our chicken is supplied by Elgin Free Range chicken which is halaal friendly, but Korean fried chicken has some cooking wine to be marinade. Spicy Korean fried cauliflower has gochujang which naturally has a small amount of alcohol made during the process of alcohol. Korean fried cauliflower with soy garlic sauce is halaal friendly. 3. The beef we use for beef bulgogi and beef glass noodles is supplied by Good Hope Meat Marchant in Salt River and they are halaal certified and we don't use any alcohol for those. However we use one sink to wash everything. 4. Some desserts might have alcohol in it. Please ask your watron if it has any alcohol. If you have more questions, please contact us by email info(at)
  • Do you have gluten free options?
    Unfortunately not. If you are okay with soy sauce, we have some options like beef bulgogi, sweet potato glass noodles, mung bean pancake and other options. Please ask your watron what is available.
  • Can I book for a group of 6 or more at Sepial's at Uitsig?
    Our maximum capacity for larger parties is 6 guests (depending on availability); with our limited floor space, groups larger than 6 may impact the dining experience of our other guests. We can only host groups larger than 6 on Tuesday to Thursday, and there will be a R100 deposit per person necessary before we confirm your booking. Please note there will be a 15% service fee added onto the bill. For dinner, please arrive before 18:30 in order to finish before our regular closing time of 20:00. If you happen to stay longer, there will be an additional charge of R500 on the total in order to provide private transport to our staff members outside of regular hours. ​ We are a small team located on a remote wine farm, far away from public transport which makes it difficult for us to accommodate larger groups. In order to ensure that our work is sustainable, we ask for your understanding. ​ If the above terms are agreeable, please send us an email to with the following information: Your name Your contact information Number of people in your party Date and time Dietary requirements/allergies ​ For a private lunch/dinner for more than 12 persons indoor, Please contact us to hire the venue. ​​
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