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Tasty Winter Meal supplement

When you are busy during the day, you can easily skip lunch. It makes you HANGRY at around dinner time and eat more than enough. You actually need more energy for lunch. This is how I myself manage my busy days. Just two generous spoonful of this Nutty vegan Milk in hot water makes you feel much better.


2 cups(250ml) rice milk or soy milk powder

1/4 cup pine nut

1/4 cup almond, peanut

1/4 cup coconut flakes

2 table spoon (30ml) sesame seeds

or anything you like!


1. Chop nuts.

2. Warm all the ingredients except milk powder in a dry pan in low heat until slightly browned fragrant.

3. Cool down and keep in a jar.

Sooooooo easy?!


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