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Sepial's Kitchen is absolutely fabulous! I was gobsmacked when I first tried their vegan chocolaty pastry dessert! Thank you for making all our vegan dreams come true!

- Mia Taylor

Seoul food! Authentic, delicious, prepared with a sense of pride and the best host. Well worth a visit!

- Pieter Miguel Erasmus

We had an absolutely amazing experience here. The food was incredible and tasted properly like Korea.

- Kryśia Narramore

We had a beautiful meal at Sepial's Kitchen. Everything was delicious and prepared with such care and attention to detail. The kimchi is amazing! Sepial's warm hospitality was much appreciated.

- Hannah VG

Just go! It’s the most incredible food with the best host! Literally feels like you have traveled to Korea for the night. Could not recommend this enough! Go with at least four people and share all the delicious dishes. So lovely!

- Juanita Ferreira

Really enjoyed this. Tastes were new and fresh, and the space is cozy, charming. Real plus being served by Sepial also. Well worth a visit. I felt the value was excellent also - cool experience.

- Tom Prior

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Lovely intimate restaurant - perfect for a quiet lunch. The food was all amazing.

Would definitely recommend this restaurant and I would love to go back!

- robin-hannah-h

We had a lovely 6 course tasting meal with friends last night. The owner, Sepial explained every dish well and the food was very tasty.


Thanks Sepial, we will be back soon.

- Antonie77

We started following Sepial’s Kitchen on Instagram and today eventually popped in for lunch.

From the get-go, we loved it. Sepial is a wonderful, warm host. She took the time to explain some dishes and methods to us and was happy to answer all our questions. The food was just incredible- I undoubtedly have a new favourite eatery - just a pity I live so far.

The kitchen staff are also super friendly and skilled in what they do. Absolutely wonderful, everything about it!


What a truly unique Korean dining experience, Sepial and her team work in harmony in the kitchen and the food is amazing, flavours that awaken the pallet and make you want more. 

- markuscpt

If it isn't the wonderfully warm welcome by Sepial and her team, it is most definitely the food that will make you want to come back again and again

- eh0f

Sepial is the most wonderful host, greeting you at the door as if welcoming you into her home. Its an unpretentious space with so much potential in an up and coming area.

- ToniDoesTrail


Amazing little place. The host is incredible and makes the meal feel intimate and and personal. Also they have a variety of delicious kimchi, remember to bring a bottle of wine and somebody special.

- Jonathan Hilligan

We had such an amazing kimchi cooking experience. Thank you Sepial. We will definitely be back. Loved it so much.

- Renier Lombard

A brilliant newcomer to the Asian restaurant scene. She is going to be a huge success. Make a reservation and enjoy a top notch experience.

- Suella Wilson-Tizzard

Amazing food. Insider tip, you have to buy the kimchi its out of this world!

- Priscilla Kerielee

Absolutely beautiful Korean food prepared by amazingly talented and generous chef. Everything on the menu is delicious.

- Gina Viglietti

Intimate little spot with great service and interesting dishes.

- William Baldie

Niche eatery, very interesting meals, my new favorite.

- Rovaun Summers

Very nice Korean fusion. Best in town!

- Don Park

Very nice Korean fusion. Best in town!

- Don Park

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